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As our lives constantly change, we all face transitions, some more difficult to navigate than othesrs. Dr. Leahy recognizes that her clients' success in handling life's challenges comes from working closely together to carefully identify and address their individual concerns and life goals.s She has over twenty years of experience in providing successful treatment for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship issues and self-esteem issues. She also enjoys working with clients who are struggling with addiction issues . Dr. Leahy helps clients regain a sense of control and understanding that lead to greater happiness in life, at all stages, as they experience issues common to life's transitions as adolescents, college student, young adults and mature adults.

She offers both short and long-term therapy that guides clients to explore past experiences, develop new ways of thinking and make clear choices. While spending time in London, as a co-founder of a successful practice devoted to international and expatriate clients, Dr. Leahy offered popular seminars and successful counseling in many of life's transitions including relocation, culture shock, relationship and career changes, and loss. Building upon that experience, she has successfully completed additional training in addictions and substance abuse, taught graduate level courses and served on staff at the Illinois Institute of Technology Counseling Center providing counseling for students. Highly motivated professionals in advertising, business, engineering, journalism, law and medicine seek Dr.Leahy's expertise in career coaching, as well.

Dr. Leahy's approach is empathic, honest and forthright.

Currently, Dr. Leahy sees a diverse client group. She has extensive experience with highly motivated professionals in finance, business, advertising, journalism and law. She also provides services to individuals negotiating life transitions at all developmental stages:

  • high-school, undergraduate and graduate students; individuals
  • integrating parenthood and career demands; adults transitioning to full-time parenting
  • adults experiencing "empty nest" life changes
  • young clients facing the challenges of adulthood

As a licensed doctoral level psychologist, Dr. Leahy is covered by traditional insurance policies that reimburse psychological services by in-network and out-of-network providers. She will assist clients in filing claims for insurance reimbursement.

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